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At the first MLM marketing funnel and blogging lesson, you will learn:
  • How a simple four step system using a marketing funnel will make you DIFFERENT and more attractive than everyone else selling the same products or services.
  • Why blogging is the most profitable media to market yourself and why your company branded website will NEVER allow you to build lifelong assets or get MULTIPLE streams of income.
  • How a valuable gift that can cost you less than 30 minutes of your time will inspire visitors to follow you and become Pre-Sold Buyers over and over again.
  • Exactly how this system allows you to generate your own pre-qualified leads, saving you thousands of dollars on bought, unqualified, and UNinterested leads.
  • An Under-used and simple technique that you can use to profit from your leads immediately after they’ve opted into your offer, so you maximize your cash-flow upfront.
  • How following up with your prospects is made easier and more automated with email marketing.
  • How you can get Mentoring and Coaching to assist you in setting up YOUR marketing funnel that will earn you extra commissions!
  • How you can have your own Self-branded, Profitable and Effective lead generation website set up for you, which will shave weeks off your learning curve, and allow you to start blogging and earning money faster.
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Let’s find out who your new instructor is, shall we? Meet Julieanne van Zyl…
MLM Marketing funnelShe is a teacher (of computers both offline and online, for more than 20 years), through-and-through, and loves making the set-up of an online business, easy for people in an MLM company – through her beginner-friendly, natural teaching skills and experience. Ms van Zyl also loves the MLM world and knows it better than any other traditional employment model.

“Julieanne draws on her vast knowledge and experience to be one of the very best teachers I have ever seen”…
Kat McCarthy Testimonial

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