Daily Marketing Coach and Calling Leads

by Julieanne van Zyl

John van Zyl calling people Do you procrastinate about calling people for your business?

Do you know why you always put it off?

I’m going to tell you a way that you can learn to call people quickly and effectively, with no fuss, and wasting of your time.

But first, I’ll give you a bit of background on my “calling” experiences.

My hubby (that’s him in the picture above – taken about 7 yrs ago when we’d just moved to where we live now, and the furniture hadn’t arrived) and I started our first internet network marketing business way back in the year 2000, when there were hardly any systems around for network Marketers. At that time, we decided that he would call our leads, and I would focus on the emails and website work.

When new business partners joined us, it was a bit strange for them, because they had first been introduced to my hubby John, then I would give webinar trainings, teaching them how to build the business. Plus, they mostly spoke with me in the email messages, and you can always tell when someone different is writing from the person you just spoke to.

Even though John was great on the phone and loved talking to people, he still wasn’t sure what to say to people who’d indicated they wanted to start up a business. Looking back now, he was too friendly, and didn’t ask the “right questions”. He asked them more about where they lived, than about business topics.

However, in those days, we were lucky because:

  • A lot of people called us when they saw our emails – they were excited to learn how to build their business, and wanted us to teach them.
  • People didn’t get so many emails, so lots of them read ours and took action.
  • And, the leads we purchased were much better qualified than they are now – so we had success, even though our phone skills were poor.

Fast forward to today – you might have been told that by using Attraction Marketing strategies, you won’t need to phone people you don’t already know.

And, that’s true to some extent – if you get to know people on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, they might become interested in your business without you phoning them.

But…. when you’re generating leads from paid advertising or even from your blog, it’s much quicker to talk to people briefly on the phone, than it is to try and find them on a social media site and strike up a conversation with them.

Most people will identify better with your voice than they will with something you write to them!

And, I can hear you saying, “but Julieanne I don’t want to call people and interrupt them, and I don’t know what to say”.

If someone has given you their phone number, don’t you think they want you to call them?

For example, I’m a member of the Daily Marketing Coach (DMC+) training and mentoring platform, and Ann Sieg has a “mini launch system” where we invite people to come to Ann’s webinar and see what DMC has to offer in the way of training, coaching and mentoring.

Among other teaching points, Ann also shows people the 2 main elements of a successful business – the ones she’s used to earn 10 million dollars on the internet.

Now, when people register for the webinar, they usually give their phone number, so they are given a phone call reminder about the webinar. And, I give people a call also, just to introduce myself and ask them  a couple of questions. It only takes 5 minutes to call each person.

People like to hear that someone cares enough to call them, and they like to know that if they join the team, they’ll have someone friendly and willing to guide them and answer their questions.

Remember though I said before, I didn’t know what to say on the phone?

Well I know exactly what to say now, because I’ve studied a course within the Daily Marketing Coach training called “Consultative Selling”. And, I’ve been getting coaching from Coach Curt (within the team), who’s a master at asking the “right questions” so that people will sell to themselves, if they really want to buy something.

I used to have terrible posture on the phone too – if I called someone and they started talking like they hadn’t talked to anyone else for years, I would just let them prattle on, fearing it would be rude to interrupt. Meanwhile, 10 minutes has gone and I’m sitting there snoring, I’m so bored (just kidding:-)

I don’t do that anymore now. I’m not afraid to interrupt because I know what to say when I DO interrupt, and I realise that people respect me interrupting – if I don’t, then they probably think I have nothing better to do, except listen to them go on and on and on.

The first thing I say when I call people (after introducing myself briefly), is this: “Do you have a couple of minutes”? (that makes it easier later on, if I do need to interrupt)

So, if you would like to take a course in Consultative Selling and learn how to have people take action and “sell to themselves”, then I recommend you join The Daily Marketing Coach Training and Mentoring Platform.   You’re welcome to click on the image below to join…

To learn more about Daily Marketing Coach, subscribe below to learn about the bonuses I give to my team, and you will also see my recorded webinar, where you’ll learn how to use a “Special kind of website” and Business Model to:

– Generate Your Own Qualified Leads,
– Maximize your Cash Flow,
– Make Multiple streams of income and Duplicate this model within your team.

Remember, if you do choose to join, I’ll be your guide, and we can do some role playing on the phone so you get used to speaking to people beforehand.

Would love to hear your experience in calling people for your business. Do you love it or hate it?

marquita herald January 30, 2013 at 9:55 pm

Great topic – cute hubby by the way. Anyway, I’ve been in sales my whole adult life so talking on the phone (and yes, including cold calling – ugh!) has always been part of the job. I gave myself a quota of calls to make each day – so many calls to existing clients, and so many to prospective clients. Then, I would push myself to make one or two more calls. It may never get to the point of being “fun” but when you appreciate the value and make yourself do it, it does become easier over time. At least it did for me.

Julieanne van Zyl January 31, 2013 at 2:27 am

that’s good to hear from someone who’s done so many calls that it gets easier Marty. I get lots of surprises because I often enjoy the call while I’m talking to the person, it’s just the initial part..

Willena Flewelling February 3, 2013 at 9:22 am

Calling people has always been difficult for me, even when they give me their phone number. That fear was born the first time I saw a telephone in a friend’s home, when I was a little girl. We didn’t always have a phone when I was growing up, and even when we did, I wasn’t allowed to use it except when it was really necessary… which was rare. So it’s a challenge all right, and one I am working to overcome.


Julieanne van Zyl February 10, 2013 at 11:16 pm

That’s interesting Willena. My parents and my Grandma both had a phone when I was growing up, although I wasn’t allowed to just pick it up like my grand-children do now. I hadn’t thought of people being fearful of the phone for your reason. You will overcome the challenge though with practise!

Chery Schmidt February 5, 2013 at 1:02 am

HI Julieanne, As a person who has always been involved with people, I was really amazed to find out I when I got started in this business that I was actually afraid to call people.. OMG What was I afraid of? Then I figured it out! “REJECTION” Thank God I figured this out to!! They are just people, either they want to talk to you or they don’t. Period! I have found that I do get better with each dial I make to. What a Great Post Julianne! Thanks for sharing. Chery :)

Julieanne van Zyl February 10, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Hi Chery, great that you got over your fear!

Jacqueline Waters February 10, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Thank you for this post. I used to be in sales and had to cold call people all the time. I hated it!

Modern netwoking through social media and blogging indeed erases much of that anxiety.

You raised some good points but I also have a question. What if someone is verbally impaired? Meaning perhaps they are hearing disabled or they have issues with their vocal chords?

What should these people do to work around that. I never had a fear of the phone, but now I am dealing with some medical conditions that makes my voice somewhat startling to people.
I am currently in speech therapy to work it out but it could take years.

What would you do if you simply couldnt talk on the phone?

I am interested in what other marketers who have no speech issues would advise their speech impaired downline members.


Julieanne van Zyl February 10, 2013 at 11:47 pm

Hi Jacqueline, this is a tough question for me, because I’m not in your situation. One thing you could do is to “hang around” online with groups of other people who also can’t speak on the phone for some reason. That way, it would make it easier because you would be mixing with people you can resonate with, and who are not expecting you to phone them or talk to them on skype. Another suggestion I have, is to make it VERY clear upfront about who you are and what’s happening in your life right now. You don’t have to tell the “whole story” but just enough so people understand.

The most important thing for all business owners, but even MORE important for you Jacqueline, is to work out what your Niche and Unique Selling Proposition is. And, make yourself more visible with photos of yourself and what you’re doing, so people get to know you visually, if they can’t hear you.

What do other people think? I have also put a question up on my Facebook page, to see if anyone there has ideas for you Jacqueline.


Jessica vanZyl March 18, 2013 at 4:20 am


I’ve always found it difficult to call people and sell to them or keep the conversation flowing on the phone when speaking to future customers or clients. I admire anybody who has that talent!

Julieanne van Zyl March 18, 2013 at 10:22 pm

Hi Jess, it just takes practice and knowing what kinds of questions to ask people, then you get them to “sell themselves”. It’s like most things, easy once you know how!

Dorothy Barnes April 18, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Thanks for the consult! This is great! I’m one who doesn’t like phoning people. So I can definitely identify with others who don’t like to do so either. But, what I would do if I couldn’t talk on the phone is hire a personal assistant or someone to make calls for me for a fee. That is if you’re willing to pay for that service.

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