You’ve probably heard that organizing content on your Blog in a list format (sometimes referred to as a “listicle”) can make your post very popular. Of course, it will only be popular if your content is of high quality. In this post, I’m going to show you how to format a WordPress blog post as a list. But first…

Why Use A List Format?

List posts can be used to aggregate tips, or ideas under a certain topic, or can be made into a cheat sheet, similar to this cheat sheet post here.
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Sometimes it’s really easy to choose a domain name and other times it’s a real challenge.  So, here’s 8 ideas to help your branding and marketing.

1. Play with Several Top Keywords

Once you’ve decided on your Niche, go to the Google keyword Planner and research each keyword idea to find at least 5 terms or phrases that describe your niche. Once you have your list of keywords, play around with them until you come up with a good domain name. [click to continue…]


Review of OptimizePress as a Blog

by Julieanne van Zyl
optimizepress theme as a blog

Since I upgraded to V2 of  OptimizePress, I haven’t seen any Blogs created with it. I’m not saying there aren’t any – it’s just that I haven’t seen them.  So, the video below shows you how your blog might look when using the OptimizePress theme.  It looks MUCH better than I thought it would, and [...]

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How to Change Styles on your WordPress Blog – for beginners

by Julieanne van Zyl

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to change your website font colors, font types, font sizes or headings or spaces between lines or a number of other styles on your Blog. So, this tutorial for beginners (those who know nothing about coding) is an introduction to a plugin you can use to change styles on [...]

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How Beginner bloggers get HTML Code by Cheating

by Julieanne van Zyl
Thumbnail image for How Beginner bloggers get HTML Code by Cheating

We’re really lucky these days with WordPress blogs because so many developers have created different plugins to make our blogging easier. However, sometimes knowing just a little HTML and CSS code (no need to know what they mean) will save you lots of time, and make parts of your blog look professional. Having said that, [...]

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Ultimate Guide to Creating Lead Capture Pages with Genesis Themes in WordPress

by Julieanne van Zyl

Many of the Genesis Child Themes have a Landing Page template, which makes it easy to create a lead capture page to generate MLM leads or gather other subscriber’s details. When you select a Genesis Child theme, make sure the features include a Landing page. Once you have a WordPress page clear of the distractions [...]

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