This tutorial is really basic, because I want beginner bloggers to see how easy it is to track the visitors to their websites. Quite often my students say to me “I’m not getting any opt-ins on my blog, so it’s not working”.

And, my question is “how many visitors are you getting to your blog?”

But… they can’t answer that question, so I want to make it really easy for you to know the answer (if that’s you:-).

You see – if you don’t know how many people are actually seeing your blog, how do you know if anything is working or not? So, here’s what to do:

Set up a Simple Spreadsheet

First – set up a really basic spreadsheet (we will talk about tracking more data once you’ve got used to doing this).

Your spreadsheet should be labelled with the following Columns across the top:
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In a previous tutorial I showed how to change your headings with a Google Font plugin. Now I’ll show how to change other parts of your blog typography with the same plugin. Here’s the previous post if you want to refer back to it.

In the video below, you’ll see exactly how to modify the Blockquotes on your blog – the image above is a screen capture of a blockquote I changed, using the Google font Courgette. You can just as easily change other styles on your Blog – here’s a list of a few CSS Selectors you can use (watch the video below to see where to put these). [click to continue…]

Genesis Theme
If you have a stunning homepage with enticing displays to make your visitors click on them, you’re going to have more people staying longer on your blog, which can also mean more leads and more sales.   So, this post has a video tutorial showing how to add some snazzy looking features to the page where many of your visitors first land. [click to continue…]

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