While YouTube is the best place to host your videos when it comes to marketing, sometimes it’s better to use a different hosting service like Amazon S3. Amazon can seem a little confusing at first, so I’m going to make it easy by ONLY showing you how to get your video loaded onto Amazon and playing on your WordPress blog. See my notes and the video tutorial down further in this post.

First… here’s an explanation of Amazon S3 and some reasons for using it.

What Is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet – it provides storage for a variety of content, including web applications, backups of your files (including your WordPress Blog), PDF files, and media files like large (or small) videos and recorded webinars.

Data stored on Amazon S3 is secure, up to 99.99% durable, 99.99% available, scalable, can be accessed quickly, and is inexpensive. You can get started for free, and receive a certain amount of data transfers and accesses for free each year. Click here to see details on pricing.

Here’s some of the reasons for hosting videos on your WordPress Blog with Amazon S3 instead of YouTube:

  • When your videos or recorded webinars are for members on a private website (not accessible to the public or to search engines).
  • When you display a video on a Sales Page and you don’t want people to accidentally or “on purpose” click through to YouTube and get distracted.
  • When you sell digital products as videos and you want your training to be delivered quickly and inexpensively.
  • If the video or recorded webinar is private content and you want full control over it.
  • If you want the video to be accessible to the public from your Blog, but not made available to everyone like YouTube Videos.

How to Upload Your Video

Create an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Account by clicking here and then click on the button that says “Create a Free Account”.

Amazon have detailed directions here. However, you may find their directions confusing because they use some new terminology that you probably haven’t heard before. I’ll explain in the video as I show you my account.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to upload your video, and then get it to play on your WordPress Blog. See below the video for links that I talk about on the tutorial.

The WordPress Plugin I use to create a player for the video is “video.js HTML video player”.

The code that you’ll need to copy into your Blog post or page can be found by clicking here.

In the box below, is the code I used to display the video player on the Blog page I demonstrated in the video above:

Code to Enable Video To Play on a Blog Page
[videojs preload="auto" width="640" height="264" mp4=""]

Replace the link “″ with the link you’ve copied from your Amazon S3 Account

If you followed this tutorial to upload your video to Amazon, let me know in the comments how you got on, I’d like to know if you found it easy or if you got stuck somewhere.



Your  Domain Name is your address on the Internet (your URL), and it’s very important that people be able to find your address easily.  Unlike your address in the physical world, it’s also necessary for people to identify you by your domain name.

Before you even think about choosing a domain name, it’s best to define your Niche and Target Audience.  Once you know what they are, it’s going to be easier to determine what your Brand will be and therefore the name of your domain will come to you more easily. [click to continue…]


Implement Your Sales Funnel

Whether you’re a Network Marketer looking to build your business online or an Affiliate Marketer, Coach or have some other kind of business – generating your own leads will make it easier to inspire those leads to purchase your products or services. That’s because those people who become your leads will get to know, like and trust you throughout the process.

When you purchase leads, they won’t know who you are, and it’s more challenging to build a relationship with them. I love it when I call someone who’s subscribed to my list, and they say “I know who you are – I watched you in a video” or “I’ve just been watching a video on your blog which is very helpful”.

The 4 Steps To Set Up A Funnel To Generate Your Leads

You may have noticed the turquoise navigation bar on my Blog, with the 4 Steps to implementing your Sales Funnel. They are:

  1. Design your Marketing Funnel which includes discovering your Niche and your Unique Selling Proposition
  2. Setting up your Email Marketing system.
  3. Setting up your Blog (this is for beginners)
  4. Setting up the Funnel pages on your Blog so you can generate MLM leads or other kinds of leads (i.e. Lead Capture page, Sales Page, Legal pages).

[click to continue…]


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